Description of the error

  1. These two entries are spamming the logs every some seconds
    • WinAutomation Machine Agent Connection with Server Lost! Entering reconnection mode now...
    • Machine Agent 'S-*-*-**' Registered 
  2. Based on the triggers that are set to be monitored by the Machine Agent, we occasionally encounter entry logs similar to:
    • File Monitor Trigger will not be monitoring 'FolderPath'


We would need to proceed as below:

  • Check that the WinAutomation Services (WinAutomation Server and WinAutomation Machine Agent) are up and running, their startup type is "Automatic" and that they "Log on as: Local System Account".

  • In WinAutomation Console, navigate to "Options -> Settings -> Authentication".
    1. Choose the "Enter password directly" option and retype the user's windows password.

    2. Choose the "Get password via command line" option and type the following:
      echo YourWindowsPassword

Note that YourWindowsPassword corresponds to your original password. Hence, the above command would need to be changed accordingly.