If you have created a relatively big Process, and the network connection between the client machine and the ProcessRobot Server is slow, it is highly possible that upon trying to edit, import, export or compare the versions of that process, the operation will get stuck, resulting in the following message:

In order to deal with that, follow the steps provided below:

  • Close any ProcessRobot client that is open
  • Run notepad.exe as administrator
  • Click File -> Open and open the C:\Program Files\ProcessRobot\Clients\AppSettings.config
  • Change the value on the <add key="DataStreamingBandwidthBytesPerSecond" value="100000000"/> from 100000000 to 100000
  • Change the value on the <add key="DataStreamingDownloadAbortTimeout" value="30000"/> from 30000 to 300000
  • Save and close the notepad
  • Open Process Studio and attempt to perform the function that failed at the beginning