The WinAutomation Runtime Browser (Automation browser embedded in the product) is a customized version of the actual Internet Explorer installed on your machine, optimized for smooth automation purposes.

For example, it suppresses any and all message dialogs that may pop up unhindered in the actual IE. Additionally, a lot of features and capabilities of IE are not present in the Automation Browser in order to simplify and make faster the entire process of automating the browser.

The following are the benefits of the Automation Browser:

  • “Click Download link from Web Page” Action works in the Automation Browser regardless of the IE version.
  • Speed - Controls get captured faster in the Embedded (Automation) Browser
  • Simplification of Automation Process - Suppresses any and all message dialog that may pop up unhindered in the actual IE
  • Performance Advantage - it does not load unnecessary elements and add-ons like the actual IE does.
  • For the actual IE to work reliably with the Web Automation Actions one needs to change its security options. (Configure Internet Explorer for Web Automation). Such tweaks are not necessary when using the WinAutomation Runtime Browser.

Note: Since the Automation Browser is a customized version of IE, some IE functionalities are not supported.

For instance:

  • Use of Arrow Keys and F keys may not be supported.
  • It does not support tabs or opening links in windows.