In case the below errors are thrown at the "Launch New Chrome" Action:

  • Failed to assume control of Chrome (Communication with browser failed. Make sure add-on is installed)

  • Failed to assume control of Chrome (Internal error or communication failure)

Review the following articles:

Possible cause #1

Sometimes there are automatic updates on Chrome which will block the communication with the add-on during the launching phase, leading to the above error. Usually related to other 'Google' processes:
We suggest you kill these processes and preferably disable them from running at all in a production environment.

Possible cause #2

Reinstalling the add-on sometimes will fix this issue as well, usually happens in Chrome browsers that have multiple extensions installed.

Possible cause #3

It is important to note that this issue can be hardware-related. Hence, if it persists, then this possibly means that the machine's hardware resources are limited.

Possible cause #4

The Robot may not have enough permissions to interact with Chrome. In order to check if this is the problem, run Process Studio with administrator rights. If this resolves the issue, then configure your Robot to run as admin as well. Check this article.