First, we need to back up the database.

  1. Log into the Source server using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Locate the database of ProcessRobot
  3. Right-click on the database and select "Tasks > Back Up"
  4. Under Backup type, check the box for "Copy-only backup"
  5. Append a filename to the end of the path and be sure to end the filename with the extension .bak 

Afterward, move the database to the new server so that it can be restored.

  1. Log into the new server.
  2. Right-click on Databases and select "Restore Database"
  3. Under source, select "Device" and click on "Add"
  4. Navigate to the folder where the .bak file is stored, select the file and click OK
  5. Click OK to restore the database

Once we have restored the database, we need to recreate the Server Login.

  1. Right-click on "Logins" and select "New Login"
  2. Select the option "SQL Server authentication"
  3. Provide the Login name and password

Finally, we need to change the ownership of the database to that user.

  1. Right-click on the database and select "Properties"
  2. Go to "Files"
  3. Select the database owner

We are now ready to install/reinstall the ProcessRobot Server, so as to be able to provide the new connection string with the new details.