We have encountered an issue, where an executable was generated with WinAutomation and the moment it was generated, the exe file was deleted from the chosen path. 

The reason behind the deletion of the exe file was that the Antivirus Kaspersky was detecting this WA executable as a Malware and then deleting it instantly using its heuristic analyze.

Therefore, in order to mark the WA executable as genuine the following workaround was implemented:

While generating Exe, in the Compile Process form there is a Tab called Process Info (please refer to the screenshot below) - Please enter your organization's name in the field Company, so that the Antivirus does not detect it as a malware.

So the conclusion is that WinAutomation requires filling the field Company Name while generating the exe in order to prevent it from being detected as malware by Kaspersky.

Important Note: This workaround is only applicable specifically for the issue described above in cases where Kaspersky Antivirus is used.