The "Processes.dat" and the exported ".waj" WinAutomation files can be treated as databases.

The Images Repository contains the captured Images in the "Base64" format. In order for us to receive these Images we can proceed as below:

  • Export the needed Process from WinAutomation and open the .waj file in SQLite.

    We can directly use the "Processes.dat" file, as well.

  • In both cases, the “Images Repository” can be found in the “JobCode” table.

  • The target Base64 string, as seen above, can be retrieved by the “Database” and “Parse Text” (RegEx) Actions.

  • The Base64 string can be converted to an image file (.jpg) via an online free service or any other available method.


    The same method can be applied to exported ".prp" files from ProcessRobot. To access a ".prp" file, please open it with a text editor like Microsoft Notepad.