The Exception/Error Handling consists of four (4) levels, as shown in the attached document.

These levels follow a "bottom-up" approach.

The first two (2) levels (an Action's "Exception Handling tab" and the "Exception Block" Action) operate as below:

  • They capture Exceptions that are thrown by Actions which are capable of "Exception Handling". Such Actions have an "Exception Handling" tab. Hence, if an Action does not have this tab, its errors cannot be handled by these two levels. Instead, they can be handled by the third and fourth levels.
  • An Exception can be caught if it belongs to the list of possible exceptions that are mentioned in the relevant tab.
    Other issues are treated as Runtime Errors, which differ and can be again caught by the third and fourth levels.

The third and fourth levels of Exception/Error Handling ("Process Properties" and "Console/Control Desk Error Handling Settings") operate as below.

  • They capture any error that occurred at an Action, including "Runtime Errors" that cannot be handled by the first and second levels.
  • They can send an email so as to inform a group of people about the issue.
  • They have the ability to run a Process.
  • They can write the event to a text file.
  • They can record the event to the Windows Event Log.
  • They have the ability to add a screenshot, or a Video Log (ProcessRobot-exclusive feature) to the Logs.