Sometimes when writing a text, a part of the text might get chopped. This behavior is usually inconsistent and may be noticed when running the process several times (or when iterating/looping).


Depending on the type of action used to populate the text these “glitches” can occur when:


1. The populate action is of the incorrect type. For example using a Populate Text Field in Window, when the actual window is a browser window (in that case you should use the Populate Text Field on Web Page action instead).


2. If you are using the Populate Text Field on Web Page action, you can enable the Emulate Typing option, which writes each character one by one instead of filling the entire text at once. Depending on the website’s design it may need to be enabled. There are cases where a part of the text to be written would get chopped when left disabled.


3. If you are using a Send Keys action, you can try increasing the Delay Between Keystrokes (from the action’s Properties). This is the delay between each character typed. Delay values start from 0 (the equivalent of sending the entire text at once (similar to pasting the text), with a Default value is 10 ms. In cases where the text is particularly lengthy (or consists of a mix of characters and variables) it may need be increased for added stability.


4. Finally, as a last measure (this shouldn't really be necessary) you can use the Set Clipboard action and then use the Send Keys action to send the {Control}({V}) key combination in order to paste the text directly to the text-field, address bar, etc.