Feel free to take a look at the following steps in order to successfully use the "Terminal Emulation" Actions for MicroFocus Rumba.

  • Install Rumba via its setup file. Make sure "Complete" is chosen during the installation.

  • Importantly, reboot the machine if you made a fresh installation.

  • In the "Open Terminal Session" Action, configure the "Provider" and "HLLAPI DLL Path" as shown below.

  • Before executing, note that the actual Terminal Session would need to be already open.
    Hence, run "C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\RUMBA\System\RumbaPage.exe", that is located in Rumba's installation directory.

  • Choose "AS400 Display".

  • To get the "Session Name" that is needed in the "Open Terminal Session" Action, go to "Options -> API".

  • Finally, go to "Connection -> Connect".

  • At this point, we can execute our needed "Terminal Emulation" Actions.

In order to fully automate this task, you could use a combination of the "Run Application", "UI/Windows" and "Terminal Emulation" Actions.